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A/B til Infinity

A/B til Infinity Egyptrixx ANF

Toronto’s Egyptrixx (David Psutka) returns to Night Slugs with his immersive second album “A/B til Infinity” Since his 2011 debut LP “Bible Eyes”, Psutka has been busy with various studio production projects as well as recording and touring with his side-project Hiawatha. His return as Egyptrixx takes the form of a multi-media collaboration with Berlin-based
visual artist A N F - Andreas Nicolas Fischer.
The project consists of the album, the video for Ax//s and an Audio/Visual live set for the Egyptrixx world tour 2014.

Images from the Ax//s video

The Process

Excerpt from the AV Live Set

Together the pair focused on a process – a set of ‘meaning-through-reduction’ principles applied to both sound and video – with atmosphere, repetition and texture given priority over traditional ideas of narrative and song structure.
Fischer’s visuals began to take shape, depicting molten off-planet environments, strange underground realms and volcanic caves lined with arrays of fluorescent light tubes, and Psutka responded by soundtracking these new digital environments.
The resulting nine tracks and their accompanying series of videos and images became “A/B til Infinity”, a mesmeric environment rendered in the crystalline HD that has marked Egyptrixx’ work since his earliest productions.
The album was released November 26th 2k13 via Night Slugs (worldwide) & Last Gang Records (Canada).

About Egyptrixx

Egyptrixx is celestial club music; Jeep music for a Saturn desert.
There is an exhilarating right-but-wrong tension in all the tracks – a shifting balance between melodic and dissonant, rapturous and antisocial. His releases challenge the status quo and impress with a unique style informed by elements of techno, house, heavy metal, pop and drone music. His debut album, ‘Bible Eyes’ was released in March of 2011 to critical acclaim from Pitchfork, The Wire, Spinner, Fader, and many others.

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Rebecca@Elasticartists.net (EU/WORLD)
Miro@surefireagency.com (NA)

About A N F

Andreas Nicolas Fischer concerns himself with the physical manifestation of digital processes and data through generative systems.
He is a graduate of the Berlin University of the Arts.
His work has been shown at museums, galleries and festivals in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

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Past Collaborations

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